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Welcome to Billiards Point. An Indian based company dedicated to providing the highest quality billiards tables at the best prices, while offering unsurpassed customer service and timely delivery schedules. Billards Point cover all aspects of snooker and pool, ranging from supply of tables and accessories using only the finest materials, at competitive prices. Our professional table has been designed and manufactured as a coin operated commercial table which is synonymous with quality, style and reliability. In addition to our commitment to quality, low prices and customer service, we offer certain value-added services too.Our extensive range of antique and reproduction accessories includes cabinets, scoreboards, markers, fine cue racks, balls and ball boxes, cues and rests. We are proud of our specially designed and extensive range of handcrafted lights. You can choose a variety of top quality categories to suit your budget and style preferences. We supply snooker and pool equipment to many clubs, pubs, hotels, community centres etc. all over the globe. We are constantly working to provide our customers with unprecedented service and new product developments. We strive towards acheiving our vision of being a true market leader in pool & table manufacturers.

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